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7 Spring Recipes


It is currently 75 degrees outside which is absolutely CRAZY considering that it's only March and I have to say that these warm temps have me feeling really excited for Spring to get here! It's not even like we had that hard of a Winter, but I absolutely love how the city comes alive and I truly feel there is no place more beautiful than Boston when it is in full bloom. Spring also means that the farmer's markets will be back in full swing (as an aside can I just say that there is no better accessory than one of our #bossladies totes for these produce scouting trips) and that means those of us on the East Coast will again be able to get what is so readily available in other parts of the country year round.

For the first few weeks of Spring, I really can't get enough fresh fruits and veggies, and for those of you who are on the hunt for some new Spring recipes here are a few that I am dying to try out. All can easily be eaten as a side, or as a light dinner. When the nights stay lighter longer, and the temperature rises, we tend to stay out well into dinnertime so for me it's all about having something fresh that doesn't involve hanging out over a hot stove. Each of these 7 recipes fit the bill perfectly! xx

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