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Costa House Must Have: Woven Lighting

This time next week we will again be traveling back to our beloved Costa Rica (with the kids in tow) and if all goes according to plan we will be able to visit OUR land while we are there. (Which it seems like we purchased in the nick of time considering this article was just in the Times travel section. I guess our secret paradise isn't such a secret anymore.) I'm not quite sure how we are going to celebrate our purchase. Maybe an on site picnic or the pouring out of a Costa Rican beer? Whatever it is I feel like we should do something because this is a big deal for our family and it really is the first step in our long time dream coming true.

As I mentioned before, the property manager, head honcho, contract reader extraordinaire on this project is my father. The other day we received the survey and the topography of our land and of course I immediately called my dad. He started talking about the actual footprint of the house, what we need to do to level the land, garage placement... you know things that we should be talking about. I, of course, started talking about tile, exterior paint colors, the pool, lighting... all the decisions that don't need to be made for at least a year and it really reinforced how lucky I am to have him at the head of this project. For obvious reasons I trust him with everything and we would be lost without his guidance.  Together we should make a great team!

So, lighting. We are still going to need some serious statement lighting in this house and even though I don't have to decide on it just yet, it doesn't mean I can't dream about it! As I mentioned, the house is going to be pretty minimal with a bohemian flare. I'm now completely sold on the Spanish Modern (with just a slightly less bright exterior) and for me the two things that are really going to make this house sing are the tile and the lighting. I'll do a separate post on the tile, but as far as lighting goes the one MUST HAVE I have for the space is some dramatic woven lighting.

I have probably pinned and printed those light fixtures above no less than a dozen times and it will be MY MISSION to find something similar. I want those babies everywhere and given that woven lights are pretty inexpensive (Ikea even makes some great ones) I'm pretty sure I'll have my wish. I'm thinking I could even get them made down there if we find some baskets that I like and get a professional involved to keep me from burning the house down. This look is just so perfect for a beach house, especially one in Central America and I really think with that and some amazing tile we can call it a day. Well, almost.

Below you can see a little of what I'm filling my head with right now. As you can see I'm currently dreaming of various woven pendants and this is one situation where I can say the more the merrier. I love the idea of using some oversized pendants in the kitchen and up the staircase and some smaller ones in the bedrooms. I've pulled some inspiration images below so you can all see the direction I'm heading. The real question will be what I can actually find down there but for now I'm happy to dream... it will be up to my dad to help make that a reality ;). xx


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