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This Is 40

Okay, so this is kind of a random post but here we go.

Do you all watch movies or shows more than once? My husband and I pretty much never do, mostly because he hates re-watching things and I usually fall asleep if I already know how it ends. When we are desperate for something to watch we will sometimes go back through a old season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, or Broad City but generally we'd rather turn off the TV and surf the internet together (our favorite hobby) than see something twice. There is one glaring exception to this and strangely enough that is the movie This Is 40.

Now, I have to say up front that I am a huge Judd Apatow fan and pretty much love everything that he creates (ironically the show Love is his only miss for me). Together we religiously watch Girls and Knocked Up is without question one of my favorite movies. I remember seeing This is 40 back when it came out (and I was closer to 30) and I didn't think it was all that funny. Actually, I thought it was kind of sad. Now that I am closer to 40, I think it is so insanely funny and I really cannot watch it enough. Like, we have watched in over 6 times in the last few months. 

Basically it all started on our last Costa trip when we were looking for something to watch in our room one night. Your options are very limited abroad due to licensing restrictions and we both agreed on This is 40 and decided to watch it from the beginning (having caught the last thirty minutes about a dozen times on cable). Even though we only planned on watching about twenty minutes we couldn't stop and we ended up watching the entire movie. I swear, it had been months since I laughed that hard. The jokes are just so funny and so true to real life that I am slightly concerned we are being filmed in our home because the bickering between the parents, the kids, and the kids and parents is true to our daily lives that even my husband giggles though the whole thing and let me just say that my man is not a giggler. The day after we finished it we decided to watch it again in pieces, and again, and again, and on our most recent trip we did the same. Each time I laugh at the same parts and I'm telling you, it never gets old!

So for those of you who haven't seen it and are approaching (ahem) middle age, I cannot recommend it enough! If you saw it a few years ago and didn't love it, I say try it again. Especially if you have been married forever (or what seems like forever) or have young kids... I swear you will die laughing! It's on Netflix now and for those of you who reside outside the US it should be available to you too!

Other movies I watch on repeat (usually by myself while folding laundry):

  • Forgetting Sarah Marshall
  • Devil Wears Prada
  • Old School
  • Anything by Nancy Meyers (It's Complicated is probably my favorite)
  • Marley and Me
  • The Firm
  • Something About Mary
  • Mad Love (a throwback to my past!)

Is there anything you watch over and over again? Spill in the comments! xx

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