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A DIY Ikea Summer

Usually when I see the words Ikea + DIY my first thought is WOW~ which is quickly follow by "I'm pretty sure I'd need an MIT engineering degree to pull that off." Some of the hacks that people are able to pull off are SO amazing, but most are also incredibly time consuming and / or require a budget costs more than the piece itself. The problem is that the end you still have a product that is from Ikea, which means it has a pretty short life span. (The exception being these legs which will absolutely transform your Ikea furniture, something I recommend for all my clients who want to use budget pieces from the brand!)

Well, Imagine my surprise when I saw this gorgeous outdoor shoot and then learned that it was all DIY from Ikea AND it's all featured in their summer lookbook!  Cut to me immediately driving to Ikea the second I stop off the plane!!! We aren't talking allen wrenches and complex physics here, but rather sticks and some great textiles. Here you can see some amazing ideas for those summer beach parties...

Which are only outdone by these colorful backyard scenes. I mean, how badly do you want to hang out here?

As if that wasn't enough, there is even some insane dining inspiration that seriously makes me tear up. If there is anyway I can get those lanterns for the Costa house you know I'm about to find out how.

I know looking at all this amazing imagery you forgot the most important part... this is IKEA! Which means all of this is incredibly inexpensive. If this is the future of budget DIY you can 100% count me in! I'm absolutely going to try out some of these projects in my sister's sunroom and backyard (she has a pool!) and I'll be sure to post some pics! xx

P.S. Another simple backyard DIY that I'm planning on replicating. All you need is some colorful yarn / string and a little imagination!

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