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Blog Crush : Stop Being a Hag

Over the weekend I stumbled upon the fashion blog Stop Being a Hag and what can I say, I'm obsessed. Penned by 24 year old Taylor Pierce, her edgy look is a little bit country, a little bit rock and roll and a LOT 90's throwback. Like, this is exactly how I wish that I had dressed during the decade that was. (Alas, I was nowhere near being cool enough to pull this off). While some of Taylor's looks are slightly too young for this mother of two (who just happens to be pushing 40) there is so much inspiration that can be drawn from her thrown together, but oh so stylish looks, and you can bet when I get home I'm dusting off my moto jacket in an attempt to replicate some of this "cool girl" fashion.

The concept behind Stop Being a Hag is from when Taylor and her friends would refer to each other as "hags" when they were out in public, having made no attempt to dress the part. The title is a reminder that with just a little effort you can go from looking like a hag to looking pretty fabulous and you know this is pretty much my everyday motto (sans the days I don't have to get out of the car at the pick up line, of course). Most of Taylor's looks are pretty simple, showing that a few choice accessories and a great haircut are really all you need to take an outfit to the next level. (Okay, it doesn't hurt that she's also insanely gorgeous, but you get the idea). 

If you find yourself with some time on your hands, I encourage you to jump down the rabbit hole that is Taylor's blog. I'm guessing that just like me you too will find yourself having a serious blog crush! xx

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