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The Night Of Their Lives

Last night my best friend and I took our boys (who have been best buds since before they could crawl) to their very first Bruins game. Instead of getting gifts for each other on their birthdays last Fall, we decided we'd rather get them an experience to remember and last night they cashed it in. Big Time.

Liam is obsessed with hockey and his buddy Miles is a sports fanatic. We've never been to a professional hockey game so we threw caution to the wind and picked a random Tuesday night game. Bedtime, what's bedtime? My friend's husband booked our tickets and our seats were AMAZING. Liam was so anxious before the game, not knowing what to expect, and when I told him he might actually be able to touch the glass he gently shook his head and said, "no way." Well, not only did they touch the glass (almost the entire game) but Liam actually caught a puck that one of the players tossed over the glass. Can you say MIND BLOWN?

Here are a few snaps from the night and the video below encapsulates the night perfectly and also makes me cry every time I watch it. The look on their faces at the end pretty much says it all!

The photos and video are courtesy of my best friend. The whole night I was remarking on how much better her photos were when both of us were shooting on the same iPhone. She told me that it's all thanks to this new online service Skillshare which basically teaches you how to do just about anything using short video clips. So far she has learned basic photography, editing, how to chop faster, you name it. Shereally can't stop talking about how amazing it is! After last night I'm dying to try it out, especially the Lightroom lesson!, Girlfriend can take a great picture and these are ones that we will treasure for the rest of our lives. xx

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