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March :: Edit

As the warmer months approach I find that I am quickly falling back into my usual habit of wanting to be surrounded by anything and everything white. White bedding, white clothing, white walls. For me Spring is really when the new year starts, and I'm looking forward to finally shedding the last of those Winter layers. This season like the one before I just want a clean slate. To that end, here are a few of the things that I'm coveting right now, color need not apply.

Loeffler Randall Espadrille Booties $250

I actually got these for Christmas and cannot wait to wear them this coming Spring. I have my dad to thank for my ownership of them along with the great customer service team from Loeffler Randall. For Christmas my Dad had bought me a pair of shoes that were on sale and when they arrived on December 24th they were the wrong pair. By the time I heard back from the team my my size was already sold out and found a similar pair that I liked. Well, that pair sold out as well and Loeffler Randall basically said I could pick whatever pair I wanted from the site. After agonizing over which to choose, I went with these little booties and once they arrived I immediately fell in love with them. I think they will look so cute with jeans and sprig dresses and will add a little "something" to my Summer wardrobe of cut-offs and a tee. 

Claire Viver Pierlot Clutch $325

I actually saw this clutch on Instagram in December and have been stalking it on the site since its release last month. Lined in chambray, I think it is so incredibly beautiful and I am lusting after it so hard. Right now this is topping my birthday wishlist. For me, this is simplicity at it's finest.

Troi Ollivierre Lip Stain $40

Ever wonder what the secret is for those perfect pouts that J. Crew models seem to have season after season? I sure did and when I saw this lip stain on their site I knew I had to try it out. Well, the secret is out, because this product is amazing! You can wear it as a lipstick (it's kind of a thick gloss) but I've found that the key to those berry lips is to wipe it off after a few minutes and it leaves behind the perfect stain that will last most of the day. I always tend to look a little clownish when I wear bright lipstick and this product with a touch of balm over it is by far the best I've found. Think Jenna Lyons.. not Ronald McDonald.   

Dash Stitch Quilt + Shams $34-189

I am loving this new lightweight, embroidered quit from West Elm. Paired with white sheets, I can't think of a more inviting bed to climb into as the temperatures rises. I'm thinking I want to get two of these for my Costa guest room, but then I have to wonder if I'm getting a little ahead of myself. Maybe we should actually build the house first. ;)

Mikoh "Surf" Tee $90

I know, I'm always raving about the company Mikoh but what can I say, I pretty much love everything that they make! Their bathing suits are still my most coveted items and it's their T-shirts that come in as a close second. They are slightly over-sized, drape perfectly and have a slight amount of stretch in them which keeps them looking fresh and helps to avoid the dreaded holes around the waist. These are not just your everyday tees, these ones are really are special! They make them with various wording, and this SURF one has to be my favorite so far. It almost has a little hip hop feel, and the message couldn't be closer to my heart. 

I'd love to know what you all are coveting this month. Please feel free to share in the comments! xx

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