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Beek Leather Sandals

For the better part of a decade I have had a pair of leather sandals that were without question my favorite thing in my closet. They weren't anything fancy, just a leather thong sandal with a leather base and it was the simplicity of them that made me love them so. On the trip down here they broke at the airport after someone's child stepped on the back of them (that would be mine) and even though I've had them repaired about a dozen times in the past, sadly the way the strap broke deemed them beyond repair. This is what happens when you shoes are so broken in that they actually break!

Considering the amount of love that I have for those shoes, I quickly tried to replace them and was pretty devastated to find that the company no longer makes that style. I went in search for a similar pair(plain, no logo, no tread on the bottom) and was a little surprised when I couldn't find anything similar. It turns out that simplicity isn't really trending this season. Since I have ample time down here I made it my mission to find a replacement and I was thrilled when I stumbled upon the online shop Beek.

Beek is a company that was started by two friends over a glass of wine and I am absolutely in love with their products. These are the kind of leather sandals that I dream of and really the hardest part was figuring out which pair I was going to get. (I ended up going with the Finch in tan / tan) The shoes are 100% leather (did you know that most sandals are not?) and they come with a unique arch support that is built into the shape of the sole (something my last shoes were seriously lacking.) For each pair you purchase they donate a meal to a child in need and you can see from their site that the construction of these sandals certainly makes them as durable as they are beautiful.

I have to say I'm looking forward new adventures in a new pair of sandals. Hopefully these too will last a decade. Now, if I could just find a way to keep my kiddos off my heels... xx

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