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Spring Florals

I've never been one to wear florals. Patterns? Absolutely! But florals? Not so much. For me they were always a little too girly, or too stuffy, or too grandmotherly and I always felt that it was just not very "me."

A few years back I stumbled upon this adorable matching skirt and blouse and I discovered that maybe I was a floral girl after all. Last Fall, my sister-in-law picked up this amazing ALC dress (shown above) and my "maybe" turned to a most definitely. (Sadly the dress sold out before I could get my hands on it, but luckily she still lets me borrow it!) Now I find that I really can't get enough of a flowery print and I have come to think of it as being something that is much more timeless than it is trendy. We all know that the queen of fashion never shies away from the feminine print and really, if it's good enough for Anna Wintour, than who am I to say otherwise?

Below I've rounded up a few of my favorite pieces that boast a floral design. For me it not so much about the print as it is the cut. I prefer my florals on a more modern shape and something with just a hint of sex appeal. For this Reformation pretty much has the market cornered but it seems that many other brands are embracing this style as well. With spring just around the corner there is absolutely no better to go forth and get your floral on!

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Photography by Jaimie Baird (@JaimieBaird on Instagram)

Beek Leather Sandals