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After a pretty uneventful trip down (well, as uneventful as a 17 hour haul can be with two kids) we finally made it back to our version of heaven. Again, we have easily adjusted to the slow pace of life and per usual I question why it is that we ever leave. Liam and I have been surfing every morning together, and then he spends his afternoons independently running to and from the skatepark with some local kids who live next door. Gray has decided that he prefers the pool to the beach and we keep gently reminding him that he can't actually be our child if that is the case.

I spent the better part of yesterday tearing through this book (so gruesome I actually wasn't sure if I could finish it, but it was so gripping I couldn't bring myself to stop). The house we rented is brand new construction and is INSANE, I pretty much just walk around documenting everything I want to replicate when we build our own home. During a walk through the neighborhood yesterday I stumbled upon a house that is so similar in style to what I want to build, and luckily the architect was listed in front, so I'm planning on meeting with them sometime this week. I have to say this place has taken on so much more meaning since we have purchased our land, it really does feel like our home away from home.

I'm not a great photographer, and I find it hard to capture just how truly magical this part of the world is. Last night on a walk to La Luna I was able to capture the image above with my iPhone (and no filter!) and it really shows the beauty that lies along these shorelines. I'll never take for granted what a gift it is to be here and I plan on soaking up every second for the next two weeks. xx

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