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Back To Paradise

Tomorrow morning we are heading back to paradise and even though we have to be in the taxi at 2:45 am (what on earth were we thinking???) we couldn't be more excited for a few weeks with our boys at our home away from home. My in-laws will be joining us on this trip, which means the boys will have quite a few playmates and after a crazy fever bug that struck our house hard this week, I couldn't be more excited to head out to warmer pastures. Our good friends are house / guinea pig sitting and other than the 200 things left on my to-do list we are pretty much ready to roll. It's days like these when I realize just how wonderful it is going to be when we have our home down there already prepared with our clothes and necessities. That first trip when all we have carry is a backpack is going to be one beautiful day!!!

I plan on posting a few times until we return, so make sure to check back in! For those of you traveling for Spring Break I wish you safe travels filled with sleeping kids and iPads with full batteries! xx


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