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Gwyneth's It's All Easy

I know that Gwyneth is a pretty controversial figure. Some people LOVE her and some people HATE her. As a 90's girl I happen to fall in the former category. (Brad and Gwen #neverforget) Beyond her style, which I think is always impeccable, the thing that I love the most about her are her cookbooks. I know her last one got a lot of flack but since both books were released there isn't a week that has gone by that I haven't made something based on the recipes inside. Just when I think I've made it all I always stumble upon something new and we end up loving it. I tend to cook more from My Father's Daughter in the cooler months, considering there is more comfort food in that book, and from It's All Good in the Spring and Summer when we are craving light and healthy food. I find the recipes to be super easy and while there are definitely some ingredients that are a little out there, I find that they can easily be substituted and for most you only have to buy them once, and you can pretty much use them for the rest of the year.

Besides the fact that the food tastes amazing, I also love that you know you are eating incredibly healthy when you crack open one of the books (especially It's All Good.) There are a ton of recipes that my kids love and they have no idea that they are actually eating something that is so good for them. For those with specialized diets like vegan, vegetarians, and those with allergies there are a number of "elimination" recipes and most are very easy to make. While pregnant with my Goddaughter, my best friend who had a high risk pregnancy ate SOLELY from It's All Good and even though her beautiful baby was born 7 weeks premature she still weighed in at 5.5lbs! To this day my best friend swears she owes it all to that cookbook!

My one and only complaint is that not every recipe is easy. Manageable? Yes, but some are definitely more time consuming that others. This is why I was so excited when my friend texted me yesterday to tell me that Gwyneth was coming out with a new cookbook, It's All Easy in April, and that the premise is healthy meals that can be cooked in under 30 minutes! You know I immediately pre-ordered the book and I really can't wait to get my hands on it! I realize that not everyone is going to be a vegetarian, but I can't think of a better book buy to try to try to incorporate healthier meals into the weekly dinner grind. Once I try a few out I'll be sure to post my favorites! xx

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