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Miami Dreaming

My best friend and I JUST booked a trip to Miami for my upcoming birthday weekend in May and even though it's still months away I am already counting down the days! That image is ACTUALLY the beach set-up for the hotel. There are no words...

I'm one of those people who can pretty much pack in about 20 minutes (and usually in a carry-on) since I rarely buy new things for a trip. Instead, I pick up a few pieces prior to a new season and I incorporate those in with my favorites that I already own. The reasoning behind this is twofold. One, I always find that when I desperately am searching for something for a specific occasion I can never seem to find it in store and two, I'm able to pack in my head (even months before) which makes the time I spent sitting in traffic much more efficient and fun.

I figured that since spring break is right around the corner for most kiddos, I'd share what I am planning to wear on our trip for those of you who are heading somewhere tropical. The bathing suits, sandals, and jumpsuits are things that are already in my closet (some of which I picked up before our last Costa trip so they are still available) and that white blazer is a new purchase which I think will perfectly dress up these beach looks, easily taking me from the pool to dinner and whatever happens after that (it is Miami after all ;))! I feel like it's so much more fun to get dressed up when on vacation with friends so I'm definitely taking full advantage for this trip! Only 65 days to go, but who's counting? xx


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