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The Costa House: The Exterior

When it comes to making decisions for other people's spaces I am probably one of the most decisive people you will meet. Once I see a place and have the "vision" I very rarely decide to change things. I'd like to think that this is one of the benefits of working with me, you will never receive a last minute email from me frantically switch things out!

When it comes to my own space, and especially with the Costa house, I am starting to find that I am actually pretty indecisive and it's strange to find myself second guessing decisions that were so clear in my head before we purchased the land. I think the reason is twofold. One, I don't want mess this up in any way (thee are no returns in this case!) and two, I have a chance to make my DREAM HOME, my showpiece, and I really feel some internal pressure to come up with a new idea and not just do what's been done before.

Luckily, the majority of the decisions are going to come (way) down the road, but one that I think I need to pin down sooner rather than later is what style I want for the house. Since we are looking at architects I want to make sure we work with one that has the same aesthetic as I do, and I'm finding that many come from two different schools of thought, both of which I'm trying to slightly stray from.

Let me explain. The town we are building in is going though a bit of a growth spurt. Up until now the majority of the houses in the area were rentals and they were all designed in a way that you would expect to find in Costa Rica. Bright, stucco, built to last spaces. Here are a few actual listings from the area to give you an idea of what I'm talking about. Of course, there are many shapes and sizes but up until a few years ago 90% of the homes had this feel.

Now that people are moving to the area full time, and given that the town has grown into a popular vacation destination, the homes have been moving towards a more modern aesthetic and the majority of the architects in town are really becoming experts in building these updated homes in a very sustainable way. This is the feel of all the new construction in town and what most of the homes on our street and in our neighborhood are starting to look like. 

Are they beautiful? Absolutely. Is it really my style? Not so much.

See, I'm a California girl at heart and my heart will ALWAYS lie with Spanish architecture. I can't imagine building the modern beach house of my dreams in anything but a Spanish style home. If this were California, and I had this exact same chance, you can bet I would be building a home that looked exactly like this.

I mean... that up there is THE DREAM!

I'd like to say, this is my house and I'll do whatever I want with it, but that design is really on it's way out down there (granted it's really the bright colors that are disappearing) but I really don't want to date our property straight out of the gate. I also don't want to build a big block in the middle of the jungle because it would take away from so much of what is around us, and is the opposite of why we chose the lot we did in the first place.

Which leaves me with one style, which at this point is what I think we will probably end up doing. A little something called Spanish modern. Swoon.

Spanish Modern: The feel of a traditional Spanish house but with the glass and openness of a modern build. There is so much that I love about this style, I think I just have to let go of what I thought I wanted and not be afraid to stray from the pack a little. Of course, this all depends on finding the right architect but first I feel like I really need to be sure about my decision... or in this case my indecision ;).

Am I holding on to one design because it's what I grew up loving? Am I sure I don't want modern modern? I mean, if that's where everyone is heading then there must be a reason. I feel like this is the next wave in tropical design but I'm wondering if I feel that way only because I want it to be true. (Also, I'm wondering if we do build in this style with a local architect then will we start seeing more of it?)

This my friends is INDECISION!!!!

I'm sure most of this will get sorted when we actually get an architect on board and honestly I live for this so really who am I to complain. So far building the Costa house has mostly been a lot of paperwork and a lot of Pinterest and the latter is certainly more enjoyable than the former!

I'd love to know your thoughts! Please feel free to weigh in down in the comments! xx


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