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Most Wanted: Leather Barstools

Now that we have our new dining room table, I can finally say that I am 99% happy with our house and really don't feel any desire to change anything... which honestly is a great feeling! I say 99% because there is just one little thing that I am currently lusting after, and that thing is a set of leather barstools. It's not that I don't love the ones that we currently have (you can see them here) it's just that they were purchased before we installed the butcher block countertops AND got the wood sideboard AND bought the wood chairs. For me, it's just a lot of wood... and I like wood!! Since I've had great luck selling things on Craigslist before (as an aside if anyone is interested I'm happy to let our current stools go for $200 each, email me at robinanderson09@gmail.com) I'm thinking of replacing our current stools with some leather ones.

The great thing is that right now so many big box stores have jumped on this trend and you can actually get a faux leather version for a great price( I'm thinking the CB2 ones shown below). I've rounded up my favorite inspiration images that show just how amazing a leather barstool can look in a space and picked out a few of my favorites that are currently available. Of course, the first (and most expensive one) is my favorite but considering that this is where the boys eat most of their meals, the budget version will do just fine. Camel leather is a perfect warm neutral and I really think it will be the last little touch that will really make our house sing! xx

clockwise from top left

1. $980 // 2. $279 // 3. $295 //4. $379 // 5. $750

Pretty In Pink

Winter Whites