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Winter Whites

For almost a decade I wore the same black wool coat that my mom bought for me in D.C. from the Benetton store one snowy November evening (remember when that store was everything???) and I have to say it served me well. At the time I was interning on Capitol Hill while going to law school and I pretty much thought I could rule the world. Looking back I was just a glorified mail opener / one of about 100,000 future lawyers, but at the time I felt VERY important, and that coat made made me look the part. I'm not going to lie, more than a few tears were shed when the stitching literally fell from all the seams.

A few years ago, I was looking to replace my beloved coat with another black version in a similar shape when I came to realize that I was no longer the same person I was ten years before. No longer a lawyer, and not looking to change the world (at least not in a political way,) I had just given birth to my second son and really wasn't sure what I wanted with the exception a coffee and a full night of sleep.

Once day I was out with my girlfriend, right before my husband and I were sneaking off to Paris, and we stumbled upon one of those crazy, post- Christmas sales at Intermix where everything is like 90% off. I went in searching for another black coat and instead found this cream cashmere DVF one, accented with gold hardware. This coat is / was more beautiful than anything I'd ever owned and I nearly fell over when I saw it was on sale for less than $200 dollars down from something like it's original price of $1500. When I put it on it fit like a glove, and considering that I was heading to the most fashionable city in the world I considered it a sign from the shopping Gods and I immediately bought it before the store could change their mind.

Obviously I wore the coat all over Paris, but upon return I stored it in the back of my closet for the last few years, only pulling it our for special occasions having deemed it too precious for regular wear. I'm not sure why, but one gray day last December I decided to throw it on over a sweater and jeans and I wore it throughout the entire day. A shocking thing happened. The world continued to spin, the coat survived the grocery store run, pick-up/ drop off, and even a trip to the dentist. Like with my leather pants, I'm finally realizing that it's okay to wear the things you love, and the more idiotic thing is to have them sit in your closet for fear of ruining them while never getting to actually enjoy them.

That's one of the great things about the luxury movement in fashion. Things that are typically reserved for special occasions are now being paired with sweats and sneakers. It feels a little like the carpe diem school of thought has now moved to fashion. Life it short... buy the shoes, wear the coat! The amount of happiness I feel swathed in cream cashmere is undeniable and I can't tell you how great it is to be sitting in traffic feeling like a better (or better dressed) version of myself... a little like that girl on The Hill who was ready to take on the world. Only now my world revolves around my two little boys.*

I still mostly wear the coat for special occasions, but more often I've been pairing it with my trusty boyfriend jeans and everyday sweater. I usually wear high-top converse when running around town but but paired the look here with these insane Isabel Marant booties that my SIL picked up on sale last year (talk about luxury!) I wish I could say I found the same version of this coat online (mostly because I'd buy another!) but I found a few that are very close and also on sale. Now is the time to buy those coats for next year when everyone is clearing out for their spring lines and while it's okay to put them in the back of your closet for now, just make sure they don't stay there. xx

overcoat (similar here, here, here, here) // sweater (last season, similar here) // jeans // shoes // glasses

*I'm not going to lie, sometimes taking on the world seems like it would be a little easier... at least then maybe someone would actually listen to me ;)

Photography by Jaimie Baird Photography (@JaimieBaird on Instagram)

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