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My Sister's Wedding: The Details

We all know that after attending a few weddings they pretty much start to blend together. While not exactly formulaic, there definitely is a script for these type of things and for my sister's wedding my main goal was to make it a night to remember. I wanted everyone to look back on that night and not remember what they ate, or what we were wearing, but instead reminisce about the fantastic evening that they had. I truly think we accomplished just that and I have to say that we owe it all to the details.

At the time it's the small details are the things that can keep you up at night (you wouldn't believe the number of packages we were tracking up until the DAY before) but looking back I couldn't imagine the night unfolding any other way. Instead of trying to break the mold (I have no desire to become a professional wedding planner... ever) we really focused on some of the things that stood out for me from weddings I had attended in the past. We basically just tried to make them a little fresher. With the help of Julie from Posh + Prep (she created all the beautiful signage for the event, along with the invitations) we focused on a few central things. Of course, when I look back at the night, these are the exact moments that stand out in my mind.

The Lemonade Stand

One of the things that I really wanted to have at the wedding was a lemonade bar which offered guests spiked (tipsy) or regular (sweet) lemonade. I was at a wedding almost a decade ago when the same was offered on a hot July evening and it was everything! This table was the first stop for guests and by offering alcohol from the beginning I feel like it really set the mood from the start... this wedding is going to be fun!!! We served the lemonade out of mason jars and we also had it passed to the audience while they were waiting for the ceremony to start (my fault- we started about 20 minutes late.) You know we had a few of these in the bridal suite and it really was the perfect start to the afternoon / evening.

The Band

The band can pretty much make or break a wedding and I was shocked at how much a wedding band actually costs. My sister had the idea to hire a reggae band that she found online, The Dread Rocks, and not only were they AWESOME but they were also super affordable. Really, they are the ones who made the night... and kept me on time! In addition to traditional reggae, they were open to learning some new music for the first dance and beyond, and we were able to borrow the guitarist to play acoustically during the ceremony. Unbeknownst to me, the owner of the property had picked up some dreadlock wigs and they absolutely started the party when they were brought out.

The Sparklers

When our dearest friends got married a few years back in Colorado, they had a sparkler sendoff and it was absolutely magical. I knew that this was one thing I really wanted for my sister's wedding and it was just as wonderful as I imagined it would be. I fact, it even gave them the perfect shot for their thank yous! We didn't do wedding "favors" and instead offered up the custom matchbooks as a little token of the night. When I went to New Hampshire to buy the sparklers I was advised to get the long burning ones and I'm so glad I did... they thankfully lasted long enough for everyone to get theirs lit! (I blame the tipsy lemonade ;))

Little Details

I've mentioned before how amazing the venue was, and you can see more in this post, but in addition to EVERYTHING else they also had these adorable hand painted wooden signs scattered around the property. (Talk about attention to detail!)

The Lawn Games

A friend of the couple offered to make a cornhole game for them as a wedding present and we placed it next to the boccie area. It was a huge hit... especially for my kiddos but really for the adults too! I think pretty much everyone there played a round and of course Liam beat us all! (Yes, that is a Minecraft sword in my sister's hand, which actually belongs to Gray. She is the absolute best.)

The S'mores Bar

We were worried that the cake wouldn't quite feed everyone (it did) so we wanted to make sure there was another dessert option. Since there was a built-in firepit we wanted to take full advantage of it, and those views, so we offered up a s'mores bar. As you can see Gray was all over that one and it also made for a nice spot for people to get away from the action.


There you have it some of the most memorable details from my sister's big day. They say life is about the details and clearly weddings are no exception! xx

Photography by Fidelio photography

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