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Madewell + Daryl K

Have you all seen the new capsule collection by 90's cult icon Daryl K for Madewell? While it's not necessarily my 2015 style, there is something about this limited release collection that has the teenager inside of me screaming that I want it all! Like, where was this when I was 17???? Back then I'm pretty sure I would have babysat the entire neighborhood if I knew I would be going to school the next week looking so effortlessly cool.

If the future of fashion is going to involve more 90's throwbacks all I can say is YES!!!!!!!!!! Can we all just throw on one of these looks, grab a Zima, and head to a Courtney Love concert, blasting some Smashing Pumpkins and Green Day all the way there? I know some of you may think I'm kidding but rest assured, I certainly am not.

Below you can see some snaps from the new campaign and I picked a few of my favorite pieces that even this woman pushing (ahem) 40 would still wear...

I'd like to think my 17 year old self would be proud. xx

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