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A Shared Space

I still can't believe it but the Costa Rica house is actually happening!!! Like, we are almost out of escrow, looking for architects, making plans kind of happening. I have to admit that I am equal parts excited and terrified. My husband who usually has an opinion about everything basically said, "make it look nice" and my dad has pretty much told me that I just have to decide what I want. No pressure at all, right??? While this seems like a dream come true for this design junkie (and it is) it's also a little overwhelming. My dad's best advice has been to take it one step at a time, but really I'm not even sure what the actual first step is. For me it's almost easier to start at the end, so for now I'm choosing to focus on what the final result will be in an attempt to really pin down what it is exactly I want for the house.

The ONE thing that I know for sure is that I want this to be full house. We will be spending a few months a year there and I want ALL our friends to come and visit. And often! We love Costa Rica so much and I have to say I'm giddy at the thought of being able to share that amazing country with our friends and their families. Right now I'm thinking we want four bedrooms for the main house (eventually we will build a guest space) and I'd like one bedroom downstairs that is large enough for a king bed, and three bedrooms upstairs... one being the master, one a guest with two queen beds, and then a kids room. I'd love to throw in a small office if we can make it work with the space as well. Because we are building from the ground up, we can essentially do whatever we want and not so surprisingly the room that I find myself dreaming of the most is the one for the boys.

If there is one thing that all my friends have in common is it that they all have a lot of kids (my best friend has 4!!!) When I fall asleep at night I have this vision of tucking all 6 kids into bed, in the same room, after a day of watching them play together in the pool and on the beach. Sandy, exhausted, tan little babies, all lined up in a row (in a super non-creepy way, of course ;). I love the idea of a kids only room that would work for the little boys that they are now, and for the the college "I'm going to bring a few friends from school down with me if that's cool?" teens that they will soon become. In my head I'm envisioning this room to be the largest of the bunch, and I'd love to put four bunks on each wall (built in with drawers underneath) with a narrow hallway in between the two sides. I'd love for each bunk to have it's own built in sconce and I can just picture looking in the room and seeing a few lights on while the older kids stay up whispering while the younger are sound asleep. (THE DREAM!!!)

The bonus of having so many beds in one room is also that if we have a large number of adults (or girls for a rowdy weekend) we could always bunk with the boys or fill it with my girlfriends. I feel like we will never regret having more beds so of course I've been staying up late at night combing through rooms that feature multiple beds. There is no shortage of amazing inspiration out there (the photo below being my favorite thus far) and I can't wait until I will actually be designing this shared room of my dreams...

Even if it is two years and a thousand decisions away. xx

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