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Our New Dining Table + Chairs

I'd been wanting to replace our dining room table since the day we moved into our home (7.5 years ago!!!) but it was one of those things that was totally "fine" and given the age of the boys it wasn't really on the top of my list. Finally, last year the espresso laminate began to chip on the table (wasn't me I swear) and since my sister was happy to take it off our hands my husband was finally convinced that it was the time to get the table of our, err my, dreams.

Like the rest of the world, I too am pretty obsessed with the tulip table. I love the clean lines in general, but I loved it even more for our space given that our living and dining room are one and the same. Our old espresso table was so big (it could fit 12!) and so dark that it really stood out and considering that it pretty much took up half the room it was something that drove me nuts on a daily basis.  We actually only eat at the table when we have guests over (rarely) opting instead to eat at the counter most nights.  Therefore, my goal was mostly aesthetic. I wanted to find a table and chairs that were much smaller, would seat six, and would feel super airy and low profile in the space (I hated seeing the backs of the chairs behind the sofa!)

Here is what I came up with.

Chairs / Table / Rug

Such a difference!!!

By choosing the tulip table I was actually able to pull our sofa back by about four feet which really made the entire room feel like it almost doubled! I went with the John Vogle wishbone inspired chairs that I have loved for more than a year and those two pieces combined truly feel like they were made for this space! Our old rug had taken a beating over the years, so I picked up this affordable rug at Ikea and I love it under the table, breaking up all the blue. (Even more so now that our kitchen is completely navy!)

I'm not going to lie, at first I though the table was WAY to small, but over the past few months the cafe style has really grown on me and I probably would choose this size again if I had to do it all over. Note: I went with the 60"oval. The light wood on the chairs ties in with the barstools and the butcher block countertops perfectly and I love how light they make the space feel. The chairs are actually super comfortable and so far the table has held up to a fair amount of lego play that graces the top of it daily. (Knock on marble it stays that way )

It's amazing, but switching out the table has made me feel like we have an entirely new living room and finally I can say there isn't anything left in the house I'd like to replace.

Well, for now ;)) Xx

Top photo by Sarah Winchester // After Photos by Sabrina Balon-Kavet (Sabrinacolequinn on Instagram)

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