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A Simple Valentine's Day Idea

Each year I try to come with a valentine for the boys to bring to school that is non-candy related, which can sometimes be more difficult than it sounds. While I consider myself to be "somewhat" crafty, I'm certainly not one to reinvent the wheel. I got the email reminder about the boys' Valentine's Day parties as we were boarding the plane in Costa (s*%@!) and I quickly hopped online to try to come up with something slightly original. After a quick search on Etsy I came across this great printable (only 5$) and minutes later bought a bulk pack of rulers from Amazon (thank you prime shipping!) For less than 20 dollars I was able to create 36 of these adorable valentines that the boys love and thankfully they don't involve any sugar!

I realize it's probably too late to recreate these this year, but for those of you who, like me, are always on the hunt for good ideas you can definitely file this one away for next! If I were to do this again I would probably get a sturdier paper, like card stock (I bought the wrong size since it actually prints 4 valentines per page, so regular sized paper is best) but computer paper worked just fine. I used an exacto knife to cut the slits and was happily able to do 20 at a time! Besides the signing of the boys' name the whole project (blessedly) only took about 15 minutes and the end result is so cute I would definitely take this on again!

I wish all of you a wonderful Valentine's Day! I plan on spending the weekend cuddling with my three boys... hopefully under the covers since it's going to be FREEZING here! xx

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