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February :: Edit

Here are a few of the things I'm coveting this February. I've decided that I am completely over Winter and will happily jump right into Spring if given the chance! Until that happens I'm trying to banish most of the black to the back of my closet and instead reach for my tan, grey, and white pieces... anything to make me feel like those warm sunny days are just around the corner even if they are still months away.

Montiel Athletic Wear In Lilac Grey $42-74

I have been on the hunt for a great gray workout outfit for the last few years and was so happy when my favorite company released their new line in the most beautiful hue. I scooped up the bra and the leggings immediately and have been wearing them on repeat the second they get out of the wash. The best part is that the pants feel almost like spanx and I'm pretty sure my tush has never looked better! 

Glossier Skincare $16-80

A few months ago my beloved AcneFree stopped working for me after three glorious years. I don't know why, and I don't know how, but immediately my skin began to resemble that of my youth. I've started on a long term antibiotic in the hopes that I can get things to settle down (it seems to be working!) and went in search of a product that wasn't so drying (i.e. aging). I have to admit it was the advertising that made me try Glossier's new Milk Jelly facial cleanser, and so far I am LOVING the products (I've since purchased the priming moisturizer and the bow brow). They leave my skin looking plump and dewy and pair great with my favorite foundation and daily moisturizer. The best part is that they are reasonably priced and the products smell incredible!

When Breath Becomes Air

I'm sure most of you know the story behind this memoir, but for those of you who don't it's written by Paul Kalanithi who was a brilliant neurosurgeon, writer, husband and father who was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer in his mid-thirties. He wrote this book as he was dying and it truly is a beautiful book about life from a man who lost his too early. I read it cover to cover in two days and started from the beginning as soon as I finished. This most definitely is a must read.

Burl Console from West Elm $599

I am LOVING this new console that was recently released by West Elm. It reminds me of a piece I used in my favorite project to date (pictures coming soon) for a fraction of the cost. This would look beautiful in any entry, especially when paired with a creamy white paint (Ben Moore Swiss Coffee is my favorite).

Mara Hoffman Wrap Top Jumpsuit $278

I am obsessed with Mara Hoffman's 2016 resort collection and purchased this jumpsuit before our last trip (okay, and this and this)... I did say I was obsessed, didn't I? I love how light and airy the pieces feel and how they can easily be worn with sandals in the day and with heels at night. Everything is hand washable, which is great for travel, and each piece has just the right amount of sex appeal while still being appropriate for wear around the family. We are heading back to Costa in March and I'm not going to lie, I am almost as excited about getting to wear these pieces again as I am about the trip!  


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