The Costa House: The Lighting

As I mentioned last week, I found all the lighting for the Costa house and I found it all IN TOWN! Some might say this is a Christmas miracle, others may say it was meant to be... I can get on board with either. While it wasn't 100% necessary that we nail down all the lighting, this week I was tasked with sorting out where we wanted the lighting and the outlets to be on the plans, so obviously knowing what lighting I'd ultimately be using was not only incredibly helpful but it also made it a whole lot more fun. 

Here is what I'm thinking of using in the house. Some things may change slightly along the way (based on availibilty) but generally this is where I'm heading with the lighting. 

Our entry is pretty grand, thus it needs a real statement light. We decided to a double height ceiling so whatever lighting we chose needed to be BIG. This woven light was exactly what I had in mind and I think it will really set the tone of the house when you walk in. Under it, embedded in the gray concrete floors, I'm going to have a large hardwood compass installed that my dad has been hoarding for the last few years. It will give the space some warmth and also a little whimsy. Because the light is also round, I think the two are going to work perfectly together. 

Over the kitchen island I'm going to hang two of these white, oversized metal pendants. It's hard to tell from the picture but these suckers are huge. I love the idea of doing white because it won't take away from the patterned tile, and I also love the shape of these. To say I'm obsessed would be an understatement. 

Our kitchen leads out to the dining room through a retractable door so I want to do something simple over the dining table that will compliment the pendants over the kitchen island. I saw these three lights and immediately knew that they were the ones. I'm thinking of doing an oversized, live edge table so I need some significant lighting to balance out the size and I think the three of these will do just that. 

From the beginning I've known that I wanted to keep the lighting simple in the bathroom and I have had my heart set on these black pendant lights ever since we saw them at The Harmony. I love the black exterior, with the copper interior. I plan on doing one single pendant over the mirror in each bathroom and I think the black will add a little sophistication to each room when paired with the tile. 

For the downstairs guest room I love the idea of hanging two pendants over the side tables. These copper ones have the cutest shape and I think they will add a lot of warmth to the room. In this room I'm keeping things simple, with white bedding and an ivory and black rug and these pendants are going to add the perfect amount of bohemian flair.  

There is an oversized version of the light I'm using in the guest room and I think I will hang that over the stairwell. I'm planning to do a tiled landing and I love how the pendant will give the space a bit of a moroccian feel. 

In the guest house the bedroom and the living area are all one, so I'm thinking of using this woven light over the living area to make it feel separate from the bedroom. It gives off a soft glow which is going to be beautiful in that space.

There are few lights that I already purchased back in the states and the first are these sconces that I got on sale before they were discontinued last year. I'm going to use them in the bunk room at the top of each set of stairs. 

Years ago I purchased these sconces for our master bedroom not knowing they had to be hard wired. They are replicas and were pretty inexpensive so I held on to them knowing that someday I would have a place for them. Well, it turns out that place is going to be the master bedroom in the Costa house. I'm planning on having an oversized headboard made (ideally one that is live edge) and I think these sconces are going to look amazing with it!

For the outdoor lighting I'm going to keep things very simple. The entire exterior is going to be white and wood with black iron windows and so I think that simple black lighting will be the way to go. I found these in the US and they are pretty affordable (about $100) so they are a definite option. I'm holding out in the hopes that I can find something similar in country, 


Lighting? Check. When it came to decorating the house this was one of my biggest concerns (how the hell would I get this all down here???) and I couldn't be more excited to cross this one off my list. Even better, everything I found is so affordable (the average price is about $400) and considering this is coming from Bali, I think that's a steal. The markup on this in the states would be huge and I feel very lucky to find something so perfect at such a great price. 

I'm heading back over to today to look at tile, and later this week taking a tour of the home our friends just finished down here. They have a similar aesthetic and promise to give me all the details on where I can source some of the things that are still on my list. There is still so much to do but so far we are off to great start! Let there be light! Xx