Kitchen, Bathrooms and Tile, Oh My!

Even though we haven't fully finalized the exterior of the Costa House, I've already mentally moved on to the interior of the home. It's not that I'm no longer invested in what's happening outside, it's just that I can now envision what our home will look like and I am confident that we are all good. Like, really good. 

I can only compare the building of this home to what it was like when we were having a baby. I was nervous about how life would be, whether or not we had made the right choice, would everything be okay, could we really afford everything, what would my baby look and act like, and then BOOM, he was here and we were like, "we've got this!" Now that I know what our home is going to look like, where it's going to be located, and have the proper planning in place, I am no longer anxious about the design, moreso I am just ready to get this sucker built. 

I guess I'm in what is lovingly referred to as the honeymoon stage. It's all fun, planning, parties and celebration because there isn't any actual work that has to be done. Listen, this doesn't bother me one bit because it's allowed me time to really think about what it is that I want for the interior of the house and right now I think that I have a pretty good idea of where we are heading. I'm trying to get it all on paper so I thought I'd give you a little peek if you'd like to see.

Here is a little of what I'm currently planning...

For the kitchen I am pretty sure that I am going to do rustic wood cabinetry in the same tone as the wood on the exterior of the house. Right now I'm thinking that I don't want hardware (to give it more of a tree house effect) or possibly minimal black hardware. I'm thinking I may tile the front of the island which I'm making slightly oversized but I'm on the fence about wood vs tile (actually as I write this I'm leaning towards no). I know I want to have open shelving mixed with closed and the one thing I know for sure is that I want a patterned tile to run from the counter to the ceiling. Specifically I want this tile. 

This tile is one of the first things I found for the house and I love it now just as much as I did then. Right now I'm thinking about light gray polished concrete floors with white countertops (material TBD) and I think this tile will look beautiful with the gray and the wood and the white. I want as much of it as possible in the kitchen, using these images as inspiration for an entire tile wall.

I'm thinking of using that same tile in the bathroom of the guest house, and in the other two guest bathrooms I'd like to use these two tiles (one tile in each bathroom) which compliments the kitchen tile but will be unique to each space.

We can't do wallpaper because of the humid climate (and it doesn't really go with the vibe of the house) and since I'm not painting any of the rooms (white 4 ever) I want to do something to make a statement in the bathrooms, so I'm thinking of running the tile 3/4 up the wall. This will give the room some visual interest and durability, and it will just let me have more tile which it turns out I can never have enough of! I'm thinking something like this (with the above tiles) but with more modern lighting and accessories. 

Our master bath is going to have an outside shower (I know, pinch me) so the inside is going to be kept rather minimal. I'm thinking of just keeping the space simple and serene and going with something like this. 

For all the vanities I'm thinking that I want floating wood (in the same wood as the outside and kitchen) because it's simple, timeless, and keeps critters from hiding in the bathroom cabinets. Yes, my greatest fear is reaching under a sink and finding... well, let's not even talk about that. 

I'm definitely sticking with woven lighting EVERYWHERE but I'm hoping to meet with someone when we are down in December who can source this locally for me. I can already see that we are going to need to bring down so much lighting and since I'm thinking I want oversized pendants, that just isn't going to be something we can manage on the plane. If I can find anything like this, I will be one happy camper. 

So, that's a little of what I'm planning. Of course we still have furniture to deal with but I feel like from a design standpoint we are actually in good shape. We are nailing down the floorpan and the exterior (which I will definitely share when completed) and I really love the direction the interior this home is heading. I feel like I've gone through so many ideas with this space, bold and bright and then simple and serene, and I think we've found a bit of a middle ground here. I now feel confident that the things we are deciding on are not only beautiful but are also very functional. I want to pick things that can truly last a lifetime because you know I'm planning on spending most of mine in this house! I'll keep you posted as things change and progress but for now, this is where we stand.

P.S. I'll be back on the blog Wednesday, tomorrow I'll be making calls for Hillary! I wish everyone a peaceful election day tomorrow and it is my hope that love will trump hate. Xx