2016 Gift Guide: For Him

After 15 years with the same man, I have to say upfront that I pretty much know only one type of guy....

I know perfectly the type of guy that only owns a few pieces of actual clothing but needs and extra drawer for his t-shirts. The type of guy that would happily move to Central America and give it all up if it meant that he could surf with his kids every day. The type of guy who can watch rock climbing or snowboarding all. day. long. on the Outside network, but refuses to watch any of the more traditional sports games that are on weekly. The type of guy who lives in flannel shirts and jeans, and who's preferred suit will always be a bathing suit. The type of guy that reads like it's his job and will forever make my bedside look inferior because my books just look so small compared to his. The type of guy who makes you laugh so hard you cry on a daily basis and who's humor is only matched by his conviction. The type of guy who was "with her" from the beginning and who lets you cry and rant about injustice all day long, and somehow always knows just what to say to make you believe it's going to be okay. The type of guy who wants nothing for Christmas except coffee in bed, but who is going to get socks and books and underwear because we just really want to give him something.

This guy is the guy I know and love, and this gift guide is really just the things he loves the most or things that I know he will love the most once he gets them. I'm sure there are a few of you out there who are either living with or related to a guy like this guy and I hopethese picks will help you narrow down your search this season. I find that these guys are always the hardest to shop for and after 15 years I still haven't perfected it. If all else fails, these are always an option because I'm pretty sure they are the most hilarious things ever invented and really you just want to see "that guy"wearing them! Xx

The History of Surfing (A beautiful coffee table book that even a non-surfer will love) // Sweater // Meru (Still one of my favorite documentaries... EVER) // Limited Stance Socks (How cool are these???) // A T-Shirt to show just how much he supports us nasty women // Bon Iver's new album (Also, my favorite!) // The Best Mug Ever Created (Does this resemble the home of anyone else?) // PJ's (That he can almost wear out of the house) // Barbarian Days- A Surfing Life (My husband's favorite book that just happened to win a Pulitzer Prize so even non surfers love it!) // A Subscription To the Surfer's Journal (Any traveler or photography fanatic will love this one) // The Sellout (Recent winner of the Booker Award, so relevant right now // A Beautiful and WARM Reversible Jacket