2016 Gift Guide: For The Kiddos

Another day, another gift guide and this one is for the people who are always the most fun to shop for... the kiddos! Below are my picks for both girls and boys, and please know that I consider these to be interchangeable! Gray's prized possession is his pink scooter and I know more than a few girls who are asking for a football this year. As for that Hillary action figure? Well, you know that I think this is a must have for anyone on your list.  Xx

Pajamas // Helmet (These are the BEST and last for years!) // TinTin Collection (Liam's favorite books) // Pokemon Monopoly (We play this almost every day) // The Most Fantastic Football (According to my son who knows these things) // Army Man Bookends // Pizza Tie // Classic Vans (The coolest) // Vintage Inspired Football Sheets // Star Wars Sleeping Bag // Stance Socks (In their favorite team // Slippers

The Babysitter's Club Books (My favorite from when I was a child) // Gold Pig Bookends // Flannel Heart Sheets // Pajamas // Helmet // Sweatshirt with Tulle Skirt // Parisian Inspired Leggings // Sorry! (Another family favorite ) // Hillary Clinton Action Figure (Because we know that not all heroes wear capes!) // The Best Scooter ( Gray's Favorite... and it grows with them!) // Stance Socks // Matilda (This was my sister's favorite book growing up) // Rose Gold Vans