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If there is one thing that every single person in Boston talks about all year long it's undoubtedly winter. There are people who love it, and there are people who loathe it. I happen to fall in the latter category. May- November I am so high on my beloved city, always commenting on how I can't imagine living anywhere else, and the rest of the time I am pretty much saying F$%& this town. You'd think that after 15 years I would have gotten used to the cold, but no, it turns out that one can never really acclimate to winter- your best hope is just survive it.

Cashmere Sweatpants

I keep telling myself that again it will be light out when we wake for school, and someday soon I won't be freezing every second of the day, and even though I'm sick again it's not really that bad. Sure, the trees look terrible once the leaves are gone but SOON, soon they will be back. I try to think of sledding, and hot chocolate, and skiing, and holidays, and sitting around the fireplace, and how nice those moments are. I try NOT to think about dirty snow piles, and school closings, and how our snow boots smell after a long winter. I remind myself that we had it easy last year... we all got a little reprieve after the winter from hell the year before. Whatever may come, we just need to push through it. 


I think we may have been a bit spoiled by the mild fall we had this year. It feels like the temps dropped overnight and then I remember it's November, it's actually supposed to be this cold. I usually try to resist the change of seasons with all my might, but this year I've decided that life is to short and even on a mild day like today I'm not taking chances. I usually wait to break out my heavy winter coat until January (the thought being that I will really appreciate the increased warmth) but not this year. This year I have already succumbed to the long underwear / heavy parka / thick sock uniform and yes, I'm often burning up while indoors, but I'm just so comfortable when I step foot outside that I can't imagine going back. 

Cozy Socks

My boys are taking the opposite approach, wearing shorts and t-shirts, much to my dismay, and maybe that just has something to do with the fact that they were born and raised in Boston and unlike this Cali girl they just don't know how pleasant winter can really be. (Or maybe they are jut kids who never seem to feel pain unless their brother is the cause of it). I though about sending notes to their teachers- please, please, put a hat on that kid, but I've decided that they may be old enough to make these type of decisions for themselves. They are, right? Right? 

Cashmere Sweater

I'm not sure how long you have to live in a city before you can claim it as your own? I've lived in Boston for all of my adult life and I've raised my babies here. I truly could never imagine living anywhere else in the WORLD but now I'm realizing that I can't really claim to be from Boston until I can get excited about winter. Let me just say right now- I'm not sure that will ever happen. Maybe the California really is just that deep inside of me? 

Pom Pom Beanie

Love it or loathe it winter is coming (GOT!) and this year I will be ready. It's hard to be mad at the world when you are wearing cashmere sweatpants and thick comfy socks. It's even harder when you have on a hand knit beanie and the perfect sweater for layering. Sure, it won't keep the Nor'easters away but maybe, just maybe, it will make them a little more enjoyable. According to the true Bostonians, that's actually possible! Xx

(Top photo via A Piece of Toast)

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