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The Costa House: Take 2

The Costa House: Take 2

A few days ago we received an updated model of the Costa house that adopted all of our changes and all I can say is WOW, what a difference a draft makes. I sort of squealed and cried while looking at it because honestly it's beautiful, and I'm not just saying that because it's my house! ;)

Take a look and then you can see what I'm thinking. 

What do I love? EVERYTHING.

Okay, almost everything.

I love the house so much more without all the stone detail (see this post if you have no idea of what I'm talking about) and I love the added wood. I think it warms the stucco up so much and really blends well with the stone that is on the flooring. And yes, I decided to keep the stone flooring which honestly wasn't something I had even considered before our architects put it in our first model. I'm so glad they did because I really love how it goes with all the wood and white and I think it's elegant but still rustic. 

I also am so glad I switched the original pool swim up to a barbecue / bar area. Now, we are able to have a barbecue, wood fired pizza oven, a sink, and a bar out by the pool. It's such a better use of space and I can see this as being the place where we hang out the most. Looking at the way it is now, this structure looks little cold to me so I'm going to add a wood accent underneath the ceiling and along the back wall. I think this is going to really tie this into the rest of the house and will also make it feel a little more tropical. I may or may not now be channeling the Caribbean bar from the movie Cocktail. (Too bad I can't also import 80's Tom Cruise)! Im also considering putting some wood detail in the outside patio / dining area but just have to figure out where it would go with the accordion doors. 

Speaking of wood, as you can see I want more. I love the tone of the wood but I think it needs to be a little lighter. I'm thinking of carrying this wood throughout the inside of the house, with cabinetry and (possibly) beams so I really want to get this one right. 

The biggest changes that we are making is to the front of the house. As you can see our architect wasn't a fan of the recesses we added (we were thinking a living wall) and neither are we. We also agree that the entry should be wider, and I want to push it back close to where it was. (You know a potted palm is going in next to that front door!) I also want to add another window next to the one that is above the door. It won't actually be functional, as there is a full set of stairs on the other side, but it will let light in and it will bring symmetry to the front of the house which is very important to me. 

You will see that the shape of the front of the house has changed on the left and that was due to the enlarging of a bathroom on the second floor. Initially, the kids bunk room (which will house 8) was sharing a small bathroom with the guests on the second floor (which in reality will be the kid's parents or our parents) and I was just worried about there being enough space. By changing the stairs that led to the rooftop deck (and location), we were able to almost double the bathroom and make it much more functional for high traffic use. 

I added the outdoor shower, which really was just an oversight on the first draft as it is the #1 must have down there, and I'm exploring adding a dock like floating structure to the infinity edge of the pool. I love the idea of a cushioned area that is in the pool, without being in the pool. We will have to see if it obstructs the view in any way. I'm also adding a garden wherever you see greenery, but not on the roof as those will be solar panels. 

I know that looks like a lot of changes but really, we really are almost there. I think our next draft will be our last which means that this is what our Costa house is ACTUALLY going to look like. Honestly, I still can't even wrap my head around that. I'll be sure to share the final exterior plan with you once we sign off, and then it's time for the fun to really start with the interior!

I wish you all a wonderful and rain-free weekend! Xx


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