My Favorite Food Posts

As much as my virtual life revolves around fashion and interiors, my every day life very much revolves around food. What am I eating? What are we eating? What are the kids eating? What aren't we eating... you all know the drill. Because we are homebodies we tend to eat very well at home and I really get an immense amount of joy from cooking. Just like with everything else in my life, I only wish I had the time to experiment more.

People will often comment that we have some pretty impressive dinners that I make for just the two of us (the kids usually eat at the counter with me while I'm making our dinner) but I mean it when I say it's really not that big of a deal. Because I just tend to make the same things over (and over and over) it becomes second nature when I'm in the kitchen, which means I can really multitask (baths, showers, homework, etc) while I'm cooking. This is why I had such a hard time with those meal delivery services, because I wasn't used to actually having to pay attention! 

I try not to recycle posts too often here on the blog, but since I've found myself digging through the archives looking for my favorite fall recipes more than once in the past week, I figured now was a better time than ever to try to get all my favorite food posts in one place. These are the meals that we eat over and over, week after week, and month after month and I hope there will be a few in here that you have yet to see. For me a good recipe is something that 1) has a lot of flavor, 2) has ingredients that I can get in one store, 3) can be prepared in under 45 minutes (including prep), 4) is something that we won't tire of,  and 5) is meat free, or can be substituted with fish or seafood. All these recipes certainly meet this criteria and I hope there is a little something in here that everyone will want to work into their weekly dinner rotation! Xx