Fall Favorites + Shopbop's Big Sale

It's that time of the year again... Shopbop is having its HUGE sitewide sale and now through Friday you can get 25% off orders under $500, and 30% of all orders over $500 with code MAINEVENT16. This is when I like to stock up on those timeless items that never seem to go on sale because it makes that "investment" just a little less painful. Actually, in this case it makes it's a LOT less painful. Below I rounded up my fall favorites and most of these are items that I've worn repeatedly for the last five years, some for almost a decade! It takes a long time to build a wardrobe that can really last you a lifetime, sales like this just speed up the process! Xx

Blazer: I have this and wear it almost everyday! It falls like a traditional blazer but is made of a material that almost feels like fleece. It's stylish and so comfortable! 

Bootie: A classic and I love the lower ankle. Pairs great with dresses and jeans!

Leather leggings: Still the most expensive item of clothing I've ever purchased and 5 years later, they are still the item I reach for the most

Jeans: The perfect skinny boyfriend. Really, they are perfect

Tuxedo Blazer: I got this staple a few years back and can't imagine getting dressed up without it. It looks beautiful over blouses, t-shirts, dresses... I even wore it over a gown last year!

Newbury bootie: As far as booties go, this one is it. It looks amazing with almost all pants and the heel is very manageable. 

OTK Boot: This classic is as much in style this season as it was the six years before it. I still prefer to wear mine with a midi skirt and I do so every chance I get. 

Crossbody bag: Another classic but in an updated shape. This is one bag that truly goes with anything and everything. 

Canada Goose parka: For those of you who live in cooler climates this coat is EVERYTHING. Warm, waterproof, and stylish... all you need to survive even the coldest of winters. 


Silver loafer: I myself am lusting after this loafer. It reminds me of my favorite pair, but these are just so much more fun. You can wear them with anything and everything and my pick is with wide legged pants. 

A cape sweater: I have a similar version of this that is a coat and I only wish it was a sweeter so I could wear it more! Stylish and warm, it covers all sins and can make any outfit look instantly glamorous! 

A classic pump: I love the shape of this pump and the 3" heel makes it a heel that you will actually want to wear.

Casual blazer: If you were to get one blazer, I'd say this should be it. It can be worn to work, on weekend and the shape will never go out of style. 

Black foldover clutch:  Like the blazer above, this is one purchase you will make that will last you a decade. It goes with everything and is big enough to hold all your goods.

A statement dress: I bought this dress over the summer while I was in NYC and it is stunning in person. It can be dressed up or down, it's comfortable, FLATTERING, and you can be sure that you will be the only one wearing it. Well, unless you are somewhere with me ;).

Leopard clutch: We all know that leopard is now a neutral and it's never been done better than with this clutch. I bought mine 7 or 8 years ago and it's still the only one I carry

A classic white shirt (with a twist): I absolutely love this take on the classic white button-down (the buttons are actually in the back) and the genius is that it looks just as good with jeans as it down will a ball skirt!

Leather OTK boots: Perfect in every way. Timeless. These babies will last you a lifetime.