Our Favorite Healthy Recipies

The holiday season was fun, and long, and in the end not very good to our waistlines. We ate and drank all the foods and right now my skinny jeans are feeling VERY skinny. My husband is in the same boat given that he has been laying low since his last surgery and considering that it's a new year and all we figured we should join the bandwagon and commit to the healthy eating train.

Generally, we are pretty health conscious given that we tend to stay away from meat and processed foods but what we lack in cholesterol we certainly try to make up with wine and beer. In a few weeks we are going to be sitting on the beach together(alone!!!!) so there is no time like the present to get back to our healthier ways. For him that means subbing his morning bagels for smoothies and for me that means cutting back on the alcohol and not hitting the cabinets late at night after dinner.

So far we are a few days in and I have to say it feels so good to be back to our old ways. We have a small glass of red wine at night while I am cooking, and instead of ordering from our favorite local spot, I am bringing back some of my favorite (and healthiest!) recipes. Already, a week in, I'm noticing a big change in my skin from cutting out the Christmas cookies and hopefully soon I'll be back to buttoning those skinny jeans.

For those of you who are looking for some healthy and delicious meal options, below you will find the recipes that we keep coming back to year after year. I usually make up a big pot of veggie soup on the weekend and serve it along with one of these salads and a piece of fish. Until we get back from our trip, carbs need not apply. After that? Well, you can bet there is a big bowl of pasta in my future! xx


Avocado Crab Soup (note: I supplement fat free Greek yogurt for the crème fraîche)