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And We're Off!

Tomorrow, before the sun even rises, my husband and I will be on a direct flight to our beloved Costa Rica! I've already told him we aren't allowed to speak until we land just so we can soak up all the silence. THE SILENCE!!!! There is nothing like traveling with kids to make you appreciate just how much fun it can be to travel WITHOUT them. Coffee, movies, magazines...  I swear, right now I'm more excited about the journey down south than I am about our actual destination!

Okay, the destination isgoing to be pretty awesome too. Since this vacation is in honor of my husband's 40th birthday we decided to blow it out a little and after a decade we are finally staying at my dream destination, The Harmony Hotel. This means one week without kids, cooking, cleaning... basically pure bliss and I couldn't be more excited about it! I won't be blogging next week, but I will be posting on Instagram and you can follow a little of our vacation there if you would like. On this trip I'm bringing my "real" camera and after taking a class a few months ago I'm hoping to try to up my photography game. Let's file that under TBD for now!

I wish you a sun filled week and I'll be seeing see you when we get back. Hopefully, I'll be the one with the tan and the renewed lease on life! xx

In Harmony

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