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My Sister's House: The Master Bedroom

For the last few years I've been helping my sister and her husband re-do their home, and over the weekend we finalized the plans for her master bedroom. They live in a house that that has been in her husband's family since his parents were children, so it's been really fun to update a home that hasn't been changed in decades. The transformation is immediate and the best part is that we have been able to really focus on one room at a time and not rush things. His family has been loving the changes which is great (and a huge relief!) since they have so many memories in the home. So far we've focused on the living and dining rooms and now it's time for the master bedroom to get a little love.

For me, master bedrooms are probably the hardest place for me to create from a design standpoint. It's such a personal space and for most couples and one that I really want to get right. You really don't your client waking up every day regretting their room! The challenge for this particular space was really melding a feminine and masculine vibes and since my sister's husband has been so great about changing all the other rooms in the house, I really wanted to create a space that he would love as well. Since they are newly married I wanted to make sure to incorporate both their personalities in this space. She a little more bohemian and he is a little more on the traditional side and since they live in the country on Massachusetts' North Shore so I really wanted to encapsulate that vibe rather than going a more modern / city route.

Below you can see my concept for the space and above is the inspiration. Funny enough, I found the print at the end of design and when I saw it with the blanket we were planning on using I knew I was headed in the right direction! It's rare that you get to see two pieces from two separate shops together and obviously I love the look!

Last year my sister painted the walls, and picked up the blanket and dresser so the idea was todesign around these pieces. When I think "masculine" I think leather and this is where the inspiration for the bed and mirror came from. In the lighter hue it leans more feminine and with the striped bedding I think it has a little of that Cali vibe- a nod to where my sister is from. That cow/ bull print is so fun and it is just perfect for a house in the country. I wanted to accessorize the rest of the room with more modern pieces and I think those awesome nightstands and lamp will really make the space feel fresh. They have hardwood floors but want something underfoot for those cold winter days and we have decided to go with a sisal to add a little texture but also because it can be much more affordable and we are looking for a large size for the room.

Overall I think the space is going to be perfect for the two of them and I can't wait to see how it turns out! Of course, I'll be sharing the before and afters so keep and eye out for those. Below you can find links to what we are using in the space for those of you who are interested! xx

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