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Current Obsession: Mozart in the Jungle

Prior to this year's Golden Globes I hadn't heard of the Amazon series Mozart in the Jungle but after it won I was dying to check it out. Over the weekend I started watching and sadly I am already through the first season- it's so good! Seriously, if you were to look at my text stream it's basically me telling everyone they have to watch. (For some reason I feel as though it is my mission to make sure my friends don't miss out on great TV and one that I take very seriously!)

The show follows the "New York Symphony" and their new, wildcard conductor Rodrigo. It's based on the memoir Sex, Drugs and Classical Music and it is all those things and more! It's set in New York City and I'm not kidding when I say that I would watch for the sets alone. Some of the spaces featured seriously have my jaw on the floor. It's a little gritty but also incredibly beautiful, filled with music, dance, a gorgeous cast and of course Gael Garcia Bernal (hubba hubba!) If you are looking for a new series I cannot recommend this one enough! xx

P.S. Some of my other favorite series are The Affair, The Killing, House of Cards, Broad City, Transparent, and Shameless!

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