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Snow Day Essentials

After 14 consecutive Winters on the East Coast, I'd like to think that I've learned a thing or two about dressing for the cold, snowy months. Like most lessons, I learned mine the hard way and after spending 5 seasons convincing myself that my stylish wool coat would get me though February-March, I finally broke down and really invested in a true parka. For years like this one when the snow has been a little more forgiving I will question whether it was really a necessary expenditure, but then I think back to last year and I remember that it is the best purchase I've ever made.

After doing quite a bit of research I went with the Canada Goose brand parka. I figure that if anyone knows cold, it has to be those who live in Canada and if it's good enough for expeditions in the tundra, then it can probably keep me warm enough during the school run. Well, that and the coat itself actually looks pretty cute on (believe me, when you wear something 4 months straight these things start to matter). Because my coat is bulky, I tend to layer it with a slim silhouette underneath which is essentially skinny jeans, a slim turtleneck and a cute scarf. Ive fully embraced the pom pom beanie and have unintentionally become one of those people who wears it indoors as much as I do out (It's just so warm!) I used to save my leather pants only for special occasions since they were such a splurge, but this year year (because they were such a splurge) I've been wearing them almost every day. The leather really repels the wind and since they never get thinner from constant washing they are actually so much warmer than my jeans. I used to wear a huge snow boot but then my sister-in-law turned me on to these amazing Sorels that are so narrow and short, they really feel like you are wearing a sneaker but they come with the protection and warmth of a boot!

I have to say a few years back I used to dread Winter. Dread!!! We became those people who would complain the entire time about how cold and dark it was and when questioned why we didn't move to a warmer city we would just rave about the Summers in Boston and shrug and say it's only 6 months. Then we'd go home and cry (not really, but you get the idea.) It's funny, after surviving last Winter we actually changed our tune. Sure, I still hate being cold but there is so much camaraderie in our family and in the community when it is freezing out- dare I say I actually don't mind the cold / snow that much now? Let me rephrase, I don't mind it as much now so long as I am wearing my snow day essentials. Staying warm is most definitely the name of the game around here! xx

Jacket // Leather Leggings (less expensive faux version here) // Sweater // Scarf // Gloves // Beanie (shout out to a local MA Co.!) //

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P.S. For all our friends/ readers in DC and NYC I hope you are dug out or staying in! It's very strange to see a city covered in snow that isn't actually ours! After last year I might even be a little jealous... just don't quote me on that one come February!

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