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Most Wanted: (faux) Fur Jacket

The one item that is currently topping my Winter wishlist is without question what I like to call the bougie bougie over-sized (faux) fur jacket. A staple item for the bohemian "it girl" I keep seeing some version of this coat everywhere I look and each time it has me drooling. A coat like this can elevate any outfit, even just a simple tee and jeans, and when you throw on a pair of booties and a hat- well, let's just say there is no better look for these cooler months.

Now, I realize that these jackets are EVERYWHERE right now, and at every price point. The question isn't finding the right one (in fact I found the perfect one last weekend if you disregard the steep price tag) but rather the issue is where would I wear such a thing? I've talked about how Boston is a more conservative town in my controversial socks + heels post, but footwear most definitely pales in comparison when you are essentially wearing your children's stuffed animal collection out of the house.

Even my husband, who can usually get on board with my look du jour (which right now is a slightly too short haircut which he refers to as a "bowl cut" - but it's so French I say!) thinks that there may not be a place in my life for such a coat. Now, if I lived in New York, London, or Paris (even LA) you can bet I would wear this coat every.single.day, but in Boston (specifically the suburbs where I seem to spend most of my time these days given the boys' school location) I'm just not so sure. I'm hoping to wait until the end of the season when these things typically get incredibly marked down or possibly finding a sweater version that has the same look like this one, but again without such a hefty price tag. There are plenty affordable versions of the faux fur coat, and I've linked to a few below that look great online, but I tend to find that it's the pricier versions that look much more like real fur.

For now a girl is left to dream dream of a life where faux fur is the norm, and in that dream she will be stylishly warm and will in no way look like she's dressing as a bear to make a political statement. She will look as cool as these ladies and of course she will have a perfect hair / skin wardrobe day. Hey... it can happen! xx

one $50 (this one has me SUPER intrigued!) // two $150 // three $56 // four $248 // five $264

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