Our New (Mini) Home Office

A few moths ago I wrote about our big plans to create a mini office space in our bedroom. Soon after the space was completed and it has absolutely been a game changer for our family! My husband used to have to go into work on the weekends for multi hour blocks and now he can sneak down there on and off throughout the week and actually work in his pajamas! Gray who is our little homebody probably loves the change the most since now he can do his work ("lego") while Dad does his. This means that Liam and I again have our weekends free for skating and skiing and I have to say it's been wonderful to have more time with all of us together on Saturday and Sunday.

Initially, I was going to put the desk to the left of our bed (as you can see in the previous post) but once I figured out that the dresser would fit in that space (with centimeters to spare) I moved the desk where the dresser was and it really fits the space so much better! Now, my husband can work while I lay in bed (driving him crazy usually) and we don't have to navigate any furniture when walking through the room. At first I felt like the desk made the space feel a little too cramped but after living with it for a few months I actually think it makes the space feel bigger! Our oversized bedroom now feels full and really I'm just kicking myself for not adding this sooner!

Here you can see the before:

And the after:

I think the desk and chair go great in the space because they don't look like they would belong in a traditional office. The chair has a homey feel and I love how much lightness the white desk has brought into the room. Usually we have a desktop PC on the desk which certainly isn't that visually appealing, but that is definitely a small price to pay for lightening the weekend load for everyone! While our space may not be huge, we certainly are making the most of it and I really can't believe that we now have a proper guest room and an office! I'm not sure we can fit much more into our 1700 square foot space but after seeing our neighbor's new puppies you can bet a dog has jumped to the top of the boy's wish list! Let's just say to be continued on that one! xx

Before photo by Sarah Winchester // After by Sabrina Baloun-Kavet