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Sleepovers + Throwbeds


Liam is in second grade and suddenly sleepovers have become the new play-dates. All I can say is that the kid LIVES for them and to be honest I really like them as well. Since they are always on the weekends, it's kind of nice to toss out the usual rules and let screen time and sugar run a little rampant - oops sorry to anyone whose kid comes over ;). The boys usually play some PlayStation followed by a pizza and movie + popcorn (with m&m's in it) and then it's to bed. In the morning I make my famed Belgian waffles and the boys usually run around wild until their friend is picked up. My only rule is that there is no fighting about bedtime and that everyone HAS to stay quiet until 6:30am (I've learned the second lesson the hard way... more than once). Other than that normal house rules don't apply and I'm pretty sure that's why the boys beg for a sleepover every weekend!

While I love sleepovers, I used to hate dealing with the sleeping arrangements. When Gray was born I bought one of those blow up, queen sized inflatable beds so I could sleep upstairs with him and up until last year this is what I would drag into the boys room when a friend was sleeping over. The thing was heavy, cold, cumbersome and worst of all it leaked air. Not really thinking it through, I bought another and very soon after that one began to leak too. These things are not cheap, nor are they environmentally friendly so I went in search of a better option.

I then discovered the company Hedgehouse which makes makes these genius Throwbeds, which are down filled mats that come with adorable (and washable) covers. Now for a sleepover, all I have to do it throw one on the rug between the boys' beds and viola we have another place for a kid or guest to sleep. When you are done you just roll up the mat and since the outside is so aesthetically pleasing I just leave it out in the corner of the room. I'm thinking that a few of these will be great in the Costa house so when we have a family visiting with a bunch of kids so we will be sure to have a place for everyone to sleep. While I initially thought they were a little pricey, I looked back and realized that we spent almost that much on those damn air-mattresses and unlike the other you know they will last a lifetime. I also think these would be great for camping or for use in a dorm or ski / beach house, pretty much anywhere you need a comfy place for someone to crash for a night or two. If you are looking for an airbed alternative, I can't recommend these enough! xx

Top photo of the boys' room by Sarah Winchester of Sarah Winchester Studios

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