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Winter Blues


When you live in New England, January can be a tough month. The last of the Christmas decorations have been taken down and you see trees piled along with the last of the falling leaves. It's true, Winter is really here.

We wake up in the dark, we drive home from school in the dark and in between there is a lot of grey and sometimes even a little white. The other night the snow fell hard for about an hour and I have to say it was a little magical. After least year I know everyone is so over the idea of snow, but I have to say this warm(ish) season we've been having has me missing some of the excitement that we felt last year whenwe were tracking one big storm after another. I missed it so much that I actually woke Liam up when it was really coming down on Tuesday, and asked if he'd like to go play football in the snow. He sleepily told me that we weren't allowed but once he realized that I was actually real he bounded out of bed. For about an hour we made snow angels, played a messy game of snowy football and both of us went to bed with huge smiles on our faces.

That's the thing about Winter. You can either fight it and hate your life for 5 months (it's is New England after all) or you can try to embrace it an have a little fun. In year's passed I've gone with option one, but this year I am seeing how option two fits and I have to say it is really making a difference. Last year, after wearing my heavy parka for what seemed like an eternity I swore I would never put it on again unless we were in the mountains. To that end I bought a new (and warm)  stadium cloth cocoon coat with the idea that even if I was wearing my uniform of sweats underneath at least I would look more pulled together on the outside.  The coat led to an everyday sweater that I layer underneath and funny enough the idea was use the coat to cover, but to my surprise it has actually inspired what lies below.

In the last few weeks I've found myself wanting to rise to the occasion of the coat and have been wearing skirts with tights, my leather pants and a number of things that are usually relegated to Fall/ Spring. It hasn't changed the fact that it is still freezing out, but at least I feel better about myself while doing the school run / grocery store / day-to-day. I've traded in my all weather boots for my OTK and heeled booties and even I have to admit it's given me a little more pep in my step. The outfit below is one I wear weekly and while my bike riding days may be gone until Spring it's sometimes nice to dress like it's just around the corner. I was reminded today that we are actually closer to next Summer than we are to the last and if that doesn't brighten this grey day, I'm not sure what will! xx

jacket // sweater // button-up // scarf // shoes (old) similar here // pants // tote // lipstick // glasses

Photography by Jaimie Baird Photography (@JaimieBaird on Instagram)

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