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January :: Edit

This year one of my big goals is try to limit the amount I consume.

This goes for food, alcohol, social media, politics, and of course shopping. Regarding my shopping, I specifically really want to try to limit my impulse clicks (you know, when you buy something you see because it's not really "that expensive) that usually happens without a lot of thought (or let's be honest, a little wine.) For big purchases I tend to really think things through (and talk to my friends about them ad nauseam ) but when it comes to lower priced items I tend to forget just how quickly they call an add up.

Of course, as soon as I put some restrictions on my spending I found all the things that have been missing from my life so even though this is my January :: Edit (a new feature I plan to update every month!) this could also be called my "Spring Wishlist/ Everything I Really Want for my May Birthday." Right now I am finding myself really drawn to neutrals in interiors and in fashion and clearly it's coming through when you look at what I'm currently coveting. Key word coveting, not buying! xx

Destroyed Slim Boyfriend Jeans $187

Oh, the quest for the perfect pair of jeans. One that is never ending and always changing. I'm still protesting my skinny jeans with a vengeance and I'm loving the slim but loose cut on these beauties. What really has me lusting after these is the great destroyed outer-layer that is lined underneath. You still get that great torn look without your thigh poking through and I'm all over that. 

jan edit 2.jpg

Silver Natural Band Watch $119

I LOVE this watch. Love, love, love, I also love the price tag associated with it. I have been on the hunt for a casual watch ever since I found out that I can't put a leather band on my beloved Tank and right now this one is topping my list. Equal parts chic and casual this watch is sure to go with everything.

Mama Bird T-Shirt $28

I've never met a graphic tee that I didn't like and this one is absolutely adorable. I truly am one extra glass of wine away from buying it and know that one it arrives it will immediately be put to heavy use.

Mikoh Bikini $216

I mentioned before that I absolutely love Mikoh bathing suits and resort wear. Each year it is my go-to for new pieces. The catch is that I rarely pay full price for the pieces because 1) they are pretty expensive to begin with (and a little overpriced in my book) and 2) if you wait you can usually find them on sale. The exception to this rule is their 2016 capsule collection which I LOVE. Usually I am a bright or black bathing suit girl but I'm fantasizing about the idea of these softer colors with a great tan.

RAYE pippa Flat $215

When I think of Spring, right now all I can think of are these shoes. Part flat, part sandal, they really are the most perfect shoe and when you throw in the lace up detail and the tan suede- let's just say it is taking everything in me not to scoop these beauties up. (Yay willpower!) I'm pretty sure these are going to haunt me and I'm thinking they would make for a fantastic 37th birthday present... don't you agree ;)

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