2016 Globes. The good, the Bad, and The What Were They Thinking

I usually don't do red carpet reviews, mostly because I know that if I were to walk the red carpet I would probably find myself on the worst dressed list given that my dream outfit consists of a tan and a sequined tuxedo and /or thereafter I'd be deemed too boring because I'd only wear black or white simple Calvin Klein dresses. (Hmmmmm reminds me of my wardrobe now that I think about it! ) What can I say? I'm just not a ball gown sort of girl and I'm really not a fan of anyone wearing them over the age of 30 (yes, even the ageless celebrities.) That being said, like everyone else I appreciate a good pageant and last night's event was no exception.

Overall I thought the fashion was pretty weak last night. I give kudos to everyone who tried to think outside of the box, but a lot of the dresses were a little too circus like for my taste. That being said, those who nailed it... NAILED it and I'm actually surprised at who ended up as some of my picks for best dressed.

Without further ado here are my leading ladies. 

The Good

Without question, for me Julianne Moore was the absolute best dressed of the night (decade???) I thought she looked so glamorous, so chic and really fashion forward. This is the direction I would love to see the traditional ball gown go and really there isn't one thing I would change. I actually was in a yoga class with the starlet in Costa Rica last year and she absolutely glowed in person, sans makeup. I'd like to sign up for those genetics now.. like, right now.

Jennifer Lawrence absolutely slayed last night and no one is more surprised than I. I'll let you in on a little secret, I seem to be the last person on Earth who hasn't fallen in love with her. My sister always jokes that there isn't anything that would convince me otherwise given my strong distaste. Well, she turned it out last night and while I don't love the necklace (I would have loved to see a gold Bulgari piece with a little edge) the whole look is pretty flawless. I wouldn't say I'm a "fan" per se, but I am definitely warming up to America's current sweetheart. 

Okay, so Rosie always kills it, but I thought she took it to a whole new level last night. The hair, the body, the dress, are so so good. I would have loved to see it with a red lip but really that's just splitting hairs. It's really unfair for her to be invited to these things... really you can't compare!

J. Lo. What can I say? Girlfriend was on fire last night. Loved the dress, loved the color, the hair the makeup, the accessories were all perfectly styled. I am so used to seeing her in those sequin, see thru "look at me" dresses that I almost forgot that she actually can look like a movie star. I hope we see more of this from her in the future. She gets a standing ovation from me.

I loved Rooney Mara's entire look and was shocked to find her on some worst dressed lists this morning. For me, this is what I want to see on the red carpet. This is fashion and in no way could be considered prom attire like most of the dresses usually are. I loved that the dress matched her skin and the lip was perfection. This is thinking out of the box done right.

Helen Mirren looked amazing!!! The queen rarely gets it wrong and last night was no exception. The dress is age appropriate but still edgy with the mesh detail and hard clutch. If I can look anywhere near as good as her (even when I'm 20 years younger) I will be one happy lady.

I absolutely LOVED Judith Light's creme tux. I don't know if it's just because I'm obsessed with her character on Transparent or if it's just that she look that good, but this was one of my favorite looks of the night. It felt very true to who she is, and I'm so happy that she didn't wear a gown. Maybe my sequin tux has a chance after all!

The Bad

Amy and Alicia. Where to start. First Amy... I'm not sure why but I am never a fan of what she wears on a red carpet. Perhaps or stylist or lack thereof but every dress is so meh and for me this was no exception. I don't love the color, or the fit and really I just don't love the dress. I feel like she should take notes from Julianne Moore and try to step up her game. Call me Amy ;)!

Alicia's dress is just so bizarre. From the back I didn't hate it but from the front I was like "what?????" Maybe without the ruffles it would have worked (I'm loving the side boob) but from the front it had be confused and I'm pretty sure that was not the look she was going for.

Amy and Kate. Another Amy gone wrong! I mean, Amy Schumer is probably one of my most favorite people on the planet so it absolutely kills me to write this but I thought last night was a total miss for her. She can be really sexy and I wish she had played up her curves more. This dress is the prime example of what I mean when I say I typically hate the prom look on women out of college.

Kate Winslet is gorgeous and looks beautiful in her dress but I just feel like yawning when I look at it. Hasn't she worn this same thing 5 years in a row? I'd love to see her in a jumpsuit or something a little out of the ordinary. Anything but the same old year after year.

Olivia P. and Kate Hudson on my worst dressed list???? What is this a parallel universe? Both ladies are so insanely beautiful and both got it so wrong last night. The print on Olivia's dress is horrid (although I love the cut/ necklace and heels) and Kate's was just so wrong for her. Maybe in another color like back or emerald this would have worked but the whole tone on tone thing just lost me (unlike Rosie and Rooney.) I kept thinking it was the neck piece, but I actually think I hate the hair and makeup more. I'm sure she's like "whatever" because she has those abs and clearly isn't afraid to show them but I really expected more from her. (Side note: if I did, I would too.)

The What Were They Thinking

Okay????? What were they thinking!?I can't even believe Cate is down here but hands down these looks made me ragey and I can't believe that a team of people let these women leave in these dresses. Each dress is just so wrong and out of all the dresses in the world I can't understand how/ why they were chosen.

Whew. There you have it. My first real red carpet roundup. I'd love to know who your hits and misses were and please feel free to disagree with me in the comments section! xx