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An Ode To Summer


Summer. It seemed like you would never end, and honestly if you had asked me a few weeks back, I probably would have said that I was over you. Now, that we are on the eve of school starting I have to say "I'm sorry" and "I take it all back!" These last few days of 90 degree temps, bike rides, pool parties, and late night park runs have just reminded me of how wonderful you really are and if it were up to me you would never leave. I hope you hang around just a little bit longer, and promise not to take so long to return next year. March sounds pretty good, okay?

I think I will miss your lazy days the most (followed closely by the smell of waterlogged little boys) but I can't even bear the change in seasons which means putting to the back of my closet dresses made of linen, with cutouts in all the right spots. When I first saw this dress, I wasn't so sure (because, color) but the missing back , side pockets, and perfect button up midi skirt made me swoon the second I put it on, and it made for the perfect travel companion from a bike ride in Brooklyn to a night out in SoCal, and everywhere in between. Paired with my trusty old wedges and favorite sunglasses, this dress made getting ready each day a breeze and if that's not what summer is all about, I'm not sure what is. 


dress (sold out, similar here, here and here) // shoes (old, similar here, and here ) // glasses // lipstick (color wild ginger)

Photos by Jaimie Baird of Jaimie Baird Photography (Instagram @JaimieBaird)


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