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Fall Beauty: The Berry Lip

I'm not one to mix up my beauty routine every season, but there is something about the fall that always makes me want to try a new look. Usually it's a new hairstyle, but surprisingly I'm still super happy with my bleached bob, so I don't envision a change in that anytime soon. (Shocking I know!)

The easy way to mix things up, of course, is with makeup and even though I wear very little on a daily basis, I still find myself drawn to certain looks and right now I am all about berry lips paired with minimal makeup. This combo feels so fresh to me and when worn with my uniform of black and gray it gives a little pop to an otherwise neutral ensemble.

Getting the look is as easy as it gets. A little mascara, some blush (this is my favorite) and a sweep of a berry lipstick. Gloss, or matte. Heavy or light. Either way it works and I feel like this is one look that suits blondes just as much as it does brunettes and even redheads. My favorite hue is a color that is not quite pink, and not quite red and is dark without being to severe. I've linked to a few editor favorites down below along with the color I'll be wearing almost every day this season. 

1 (color berry rose)  // 2 (color rose intime) // 3  (color rose couture) // 4 (color tumultuous pink) // 5 (my favorite)

Are there any looks you're loving this season? Do you mix up your look regularly or like me to you find one look at works and stick with it? I'd love to know! xx

(Top image via Garance Dore, other images in order Le Fashion, Makeup.com, Unknown, Byrdie, ElleAll Women Stalk)

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