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The Best Of: Oxblood Accessories

Color and I don't usually mix.

Over the years I've found that if it's not black, gray, or ivory than I am pretty unlikely to wear it, even if it's hanging in my closet. Of course, there are a few exceptions to this rule, like chambray, emerald, and various prints, but the color that I seem to be drawn to the most, year after year, is oxblood (or maroon/ burgundy / wine... whatever it's being called these days.)

This timeless hue seems to come back with a vengeance every fall and out of all the jewel tones I find that this one is the most neutral, meaning it goes with every other color on the prism. It looks fantastic when paired with black, gray, navy, emerald and white, but is equally as beautiful with soft colors like baby blue and blush. I have a pair of oxblood pumps for years and I've found them to be the perfect accessory for a pair of boyfriend jeans or with my leopard clutch. I wear them to almost every event I attend and I'm going to be so devastated the day they fall apart. 

Below I've rounded up what I think are some of the best oxblood pieces that are being offered this fall. If you've yet to embrace this color in your wardrobe, I've included some inspiration images to show just how versatile it really is! xx


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