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Did you all see this article in The New York Times a few weeks back about the revolutionary new building in NYC that consists solely of micro-apartments? The entire building is made up of 55 studios that range from 260-360 square feet. You can read about the project in it's entirety here, but basically the units were designed for New Yorker's who wanted to have an apartment of their own but couldn't do so given the inflated rental fees in the city. What really caught my eye was that a number of the apartments come fully furnished, with small multi-use furniture. In addition, the building provides services like weekly housekeeping and the units come equipped with wifi and cable (a dream for someone with a busy lifestyle.) In addition, the building also provides communal space, including a gym, two lounges and an outdoor courtyard. A lounge in the cellar will have a pool table and a television, and the eighth-floor lounge will open onto a shared roof deck with a barbecue encouraging residents to not feel tied to thier individual micro- apartments.

While not cheap by national standards, the rental fee of 2500-2800 is what a number of New Yorker's would expect to pay in a roommate situation (yep, living in New York isn't cheap) but how great is it as a single or coupled professional to be able to have a space of your own for the same rate. Clearly, only time will tell whether there is a market for housing such as this, but considering that 40% of New Yorker's don't have a family, I'd venture to guess that we are going to see a lot more of this type of housing popping up all over the city and I, for one, am a huge fan!

Back when my husband and I first moved to Boston, we were unsure as to whether or not I would be able to transfer schools to make the move with him. To that end we found the smallest (about 300 sq feet) apartment that we could, assuming that we would move to something larger the next year when I could join him. Well, we didn't have to live apart and we we too lazy/ broke to move so we ended up living in our tiny apartment with a cat and eventually my 8 month pregnant belly for 4 years! I wouldn't say it was the best time of our lives, but looking back that tiny space housed everything we needed and whether we liked it or not it certainly brought us closer together! The added bonus was that when we moved into our current 1700 sq foot home it felt absolutely palatial!

P.S. For more small spaces, you have to check out this 86 square foot apartment in Paris! Now that is what you call micro living!

(Photos via The New York Times)

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