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Holiday Dressing


Do you usually buy a new outfit for the holiday season?

Year after year I tend to recycle my tried and true favorite outfits, typically updating them with seasonal accessories. Listen, no one loves a good pair of sequin pant more than I, but the problem is that you are limited in how many times you can wear them the rest of the year and I'd always rather invest in something that can be worn in December as much as it can in April.

Take my favorite jumpsuit for example. Season after season this is my "go to" for any formal event and here I paired it here with my signature tuxedo blazer and a new faux fur scarf that I purchased for this holiday season. The shoes, which I've had for years, make it feel more festive, but if I switched them out to something opened toed and threw on a white blazer, I'd be just as ready for a formal event in the Spring. I've said it before and I'm sure that I'll say it about 100 times more, there is nothing sexier and more versatile than a black jumpsuit and while most people search for the perfect LBD, I tend to obsessed over jumpsuits. Even in black you automatically stand out at any party and only in the most elegant and fashion forward way. Really, you can never go wrong with a jumpsuit!

Here is a peek at what I'll be wearing this holiday season. xx

jumpsuit (No. 6) see options below // faux fur scarf // clutch (borrowed Chanel) // heels (Kate Spade) similar here // glasses // lipstick // nail polish color lolipop

Photography by Jaimie Baird for Robin M. Anderson (@jaimiebaird on Instagram)


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