2015 Gift Guide- For The Kiddos

Oh the kiddos, they want everything but need next to nothing. Our boys are already making their Christmas lists, but since we decided to tone down Christmas a few years back I am happy to say I have already finished my shopping! Let's just hope the big man in the red suit fills in the missing pieces ;).

Right now, ALL Gray can think about are these Imaganext toys. They are essentially doll houses, but they come with superheros, ninja turtles, and knights and I'm not kidding when I say the kid can't get enough. Liam, is obsessed with sports. Jerseys and hoddies are the name of the game. Both he and Dad are rooting for a new x-box, and only time will tell if they made it on the "nice list."

Below are a few of my favorite things for all the kiddos on your list! I like to give equal amounts clothing and toys each year, that way they are actually getting things they need and really anything seems more exciting when it comes wrapped with a big bow! To that end, here are the best gifts for the kids this year;  for wear and for play!

1- 2 // fun glow-in-the-dark pajamas for all the boys and girls on your list // 3 //a great and WARM sheepskin lined flannel for the kid on your list who refuses to wear a jacket for fear of looking "uncool." (yes, I'm talking about YOU Liam) // 4 // the most adorable leggings which can be worn alone or under skirts // 5 // a sweet little party dress that is as comfortable as it is adorable // 6 // i can't get enough of this little eggplant hoodie- it's on sale too! // 7 // a great wool hat for your little superhero // 8 // the best socks around now come in kid's sizes and just about every pattern you can imagine // 9 // hi-top vans for those little skater boys and girls // 10 // slippers for those cold winter nights - bonus these ones will actually survive the winter with their hard soles // 11 // the cutest pom pom beanie for your little lady

1 // for the race car enthusiast, a stick on track that can be used in any room in the house // 2 // a box of classic jokes for the funny guy in the family // 3 // a make your own snowglobe - I think this is such a cute gift to have the kid's create to give to family members near and far! // 4 // glow in the dark table ping pong, easily transportable this is great to bring on family vacations // 5 // an adorable growth chart from the family owned shop Oh Bessie (check out all their cute novelty clothing and art prints while you are there!) // 6 // the supposed "best football ever" according to Liam. it looks just like a pro football but is a touch smaller for little hands // 7 // a ukulele to pique their interest in music, it's easy to learn and it sounds beautiful while they are doing so // 8 // a great wall hanging for your little knight in shining armor- there are plenty more in other themes and I love that you don't have to worry about framing! // 9 // a play kitchen that is sure to make all the adults in the house jealous- myself included (40% off today!) // 10 // a canopy planetarium which makes for the perfect hideout to dream of the stars- I LOVE this.

In case there was any question whether the boys are less excited about Christmas since they don't get a ton of presents, the answer is a resounding no. Now, more than ever, the boys are really getting in to the spirit of the holidays. There is already and hourly countdown until we get our tree tomorrow and last week we did some serious gingerbread house decorating. Here is our little Gray baby in his full holiday glory.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I'll be back Monday with my final (and favorite) gift guide... the one for your home! 'Tis the season of sales!!! xx