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Current Beauty Muse: Katherine Power

I've been a huge fan of Katherine Power since she first launched WhoWhatWear and over the past few months I've become more and more enamored with her look. Maybe it's because we have a similar haircut, or perhaps it's because I've finally accepted that my Summer tan is really (really) gone, but whatever the reason I can't think of a better beauty muse for 2016 than the enviable Ms. Power.

Her look is so simple and natural and I love how polished she always appears, allowing her amazing complexion to be the star. Seriously though, is that actually the way her skin looks in real life??? I'd like to think there is some retouching going on behind the scenes, but it's obvious that girlfriend doesn't pretend to be a lizard every year like I do and going forward I really want to take a cue from this natural beauty. Since Winter is officially here (we have snow!!!) I'm going to try to embrace my pale skin (let's just call it porcelain okay?) in the new year and instead of trying to hide behind my usual heavy makeup until June, I'm going to tap into the things in my beauty arsenal that I typically save for the warmer months. I'm digging out the pale pink lipsticks and blushes, pairing then with a strong brow and a simple eye. Clean, easy, and all about the skin. Stripping off the layers.

New year, new beauty philosophy. Wish me luck. xx

Laura Mercier foundation primer and Flawless Skin lotion- A few weeks ago I was in desperate need for face lotion, having run out the week before,  and in a hurry I popped into a shop that was out of my usual line. The salesgirl recommended a few products by Laura Mercier and I am LOVING them. I tried out the flawless skin lotion and eye creme and I'm amazed at how dewy my skin looks, without any oil or shine. The moisturizer/ eye creme has a slight shimmer to it which reflects the light giving you that J-lo like complexion. I was given a sample of the foundation primer and it was like I was finally let in on the secret to long lasting flawless skin! Put a dab of this under your regular foundation and it really makes your foundation last all day!

Dior Lip Glow- I am a huge fan of the Dior Glow line and this lip stain is probably my favorite of all the products they offer. It basically enhances you natural lip hue and leaving you with a natural glossy look that has the perfect pink tint.

BenefitPosie Tint - This has been in my makeup bag for over a decade and I still love it as much now as I did in my 20's! It stains your cheeks and lips with the perfect pink tint that really lasts! I layer a powder blush over the top and it gives the perfect "I just came in from the cold" color that stays on from morning to night.

Perricone MD No foundation foundation. From the instant I tried Perricone MD's foundation I was a convert for life. Part serum, part foundation, this product perfectly evens out skin tone with only the thinnest application needed. There is SPF included in the formula eliminates the need for an added layer which helps keep oil and shine at bay.

Anastasia perfect brow pencil. I've mentioned multiple times my obsession with my eyebrows. I have thin eyebrows which I thought was from over-plucking as a teen, but the older I get I think genetics may be more to blame and I'm finally realizing bushy eyebrows may not in the cards for me. For the past few years I basically ignored them, but recently have begun to use my trusty Anastasia brow pencil and I have to admit that I'm amazed at the difference it makes! Even though the are still on the thin side, they are definitely fuller and certainly look more groomed. Since I like a light colored brow, even dying them at times, I love the Anastasia line since they tend to have much lighter colors than I've found in other brands.

Photos from Katherine Power's Instagram.

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