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That's a Wrap!

That's a wrap! Another Christmas is in the books!

I have to say this year was probably our best one yet, even though it felt like it went just as fast as it did in the video! The boys were thrilled to get mostly everything they wanted (low expectations ;)) and my hubby even got me a new surfboard which left few complaints around here. Santa brought a new Play Station 4 and right now we all have sore thumbs from the amount of FIFA that we've been playing. At first I was all "screen time!!!!" but now I'm changing my tune. At least we are all on the SAME screen and I love that we've spent the last few days cuddled up on the sofa playing one game or another- definitely a nice change of pace from the rush of the school days.

Normally I wait until December 31 to get the tree out but I woke up this morning like a woman with an agenda and I'm happy to say we are officially Christmas free for yet another year. There is nothing like starting a New Year with a clean (pine needle free) house. As much as I love the holiday, I think I may actually like it more when it's over... is that bad to say out loud? Please don't tell my kiddos!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful and somewhat restful holiday! Until next year! xx

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