4 Must See Documentaries

I often joke that my husband and me have pretty much become his grandmother given that the highlight of most days is coming home to watch our "stories" together. What can I say, premium TV is just so good now and when shows like Transparent, The Affair, Homeland, Broad CityWorkaholics, House of Cards, Shameless and Game of Thrones* just keep getting better and better each season, how is a girl supposed to have a social life? The problem, of course, is what to do when you are in-between shows and there is literally NOTHING else on. Seriously, the amount of bad shows / movies they make this day is somewhat frightening. We gave up reality TV a few years ago (although I will forever keep Million Dollar Listing in my queue) which means some nights we actually spend all of our time debating what to watch before giving up and going to bed. During the holidays "some" seems to turn into "most."

Recently, we have turned to documentaries and there are a few that actually leave me with my jaw on the floor. I am often quoted as saying "this can't be real" over and over and honestly it's nice to actually learn about something rather than just ponder the fate of Khaleesi and her dragons.*

Here are 4 of our favorite documentaries that I truly could watch over and over. These are edge of your seat kind of documentaries and perfect for when you have family in town and don t want to sit through another awkward sex scene with your parents - every.single.time, am I right???

Cartel Land is not only the best documentary I've ever seen, but also one of the best movies period. It's by produced by Kathryn Bigelow of Hurt Locker and Zero Dark Thirty fame and it follows a group of vigilantes as they rise up against the Mexican drug cartel. This one will truly blow your mind- it's that good.

Meru follows three climbers as they attempt to summit a peek that has been haunting them for over a decade. Full of personal drama, this movie has you rooting for the climbers the entire time and the soundtrack is one of the best ever. Given the location, the film itself is visually stunning and it will leave you with a new appreciation for alpine climbing.

Particle Fever is my husband's number one pick and I'm not kidding when I say that we tell everyone about this flick. It follows a group of scientists who have dedicated their life to finding the "god particle" which is basically how the universe began. I never thought a documentary about science would leave me in tears but this one had me crying while cheering at the end.

Okay, so this isn't necessarily the best documentary in the world but it definitely is one of the most beautiful. Perfect for a cold Winters day, View From a Blue Moon tells the story of John Florence who has a child was an incredible surfer and now as an adult is pretty much the best surfer (ever). The production value on this is high which means it's full of beautiful scenery and great music. This is one you can watch with tweens/ teens and is sure to make everyone want to immediately book a trip to the sea.

Do you all have any documentaries you'd recommend? Clearly, we are always looking for something new!!! xx

* yes, we watch a LOT of stories

** but seriously, what IS going to happen to my queen and her dragons???????